Chocolate buying young slim women stalkers always sent to panaji store

Shopping in stores with CCTV cameras in panaji is avoidable because the security agencies are always sending chocolating buying young women stalkers in the store after the domain investor makes her purchases.
The domain investor has noticed this repeatedly.
These young women are almost always purchasing a large number of expensive chocolates, usually cadbury chocolates which cost more than Rs 75
The latest young slim panaji woman stalker in a st inez, panaji,store was wearing eye makeup, blue and white pin stripe top and had left her hair open.
This is part of endless goa government computer work fraud of criminally defaming older hardworking women and pampering lazy greedy slim young women who do no computer work,just because these young female panaji scammers, have powerful relatives and friends making fake claims about them.

who is sending these chocolate buying young panaji scammers to stalk the domain investor, she wonders ?