A Security System Makes Me Feel Safer

When someone broke into my neighbor’s house, it scared me a good bit. I actually think I was more scared than my neighbor, but that makes sense if you would see the two of us together. I am a single female living alone, and he is a hulk of a guy that no one would really care to mess with. He was not too concerned with his break in because nothing of value was taken. It scared me though because the world just seems to be getting worse. He told me I should look into CCTV kits since it frightened me so much.

When I told him I did not know the first thing about CCTV kits, he offered to help me. In addition to being my neighbor, he is also a very good friend, and I took him up on his offer. I am so glad he did offer because it ended up saving me a lot of money in the long run. If I would have had a professional security company come out and install a system, it would have cost me a lot of money. That would have been in addition to having a monitoring service too!

Instead, he picked out a CCTV kit that has four cameras. When they arrived later that week, which the shipping was free, he installed all four of the cameras in a matter of maybe 90 minutes. He showed me how I can pull up the cameras on both my computer as well as my smartphone. I really liked this because it meant that I could check up on my house even when I am not there. The peace of mind that this gives me is incredible, and I think that my neighbor is actually going to install one for himself now too!