My Daughter is Certainly More Outgoing

The dating site my desi life is hard.

Our bright and outgoing daughter soon turned into a dour and secretive individual. She rarely left the house and withdrew at school. Her friends started to drop off and I could hardly blame them as no one wants to hang around a depressing and dark person. The people who do are people you don’t want in a loved one’s life. My wife and I eventually took her to a doctor where they diagnosed her with an anxiety disorder. They prescribed medication, which helped somewhat, but she was apprehensive about getting out there and meeting people.

That’s when her brother stepped up and got her an account on the Desi site. It’s a dating/social media site and at first we were quite hesitant about her using it. People online can be so mean, and that is the last thing she needed in her life. But amazingly she hit it off quite well on the site, with both males and females, and slowly she emerged from her darkness. With the help of the medication and the good people she met through the site, our old daughter returned and now she is once again engaged with people. We truly believe this social media site helped her come back to us.