Surveillance used to change recipe of baked products , with more chilli powder

It is increasingly clear that now the surveillance is used mainly to harass a google competitor, not for national security purposes or tax evasion. For example earlier the google competitor would purchase patties at a store, they were priced at Rs 10. However they were extremely spicy, containing a lot of chilli power so the google competitor had reduced purchasing the patties
A few months ago, the prices of almost all the baked products were increased. The google competitor sampled the different products and found that the paneer patties costing Rs 20 were not very spicy like the plain patties whose price was increased to Rs 12. So the google competitor started purchasing the paneer patties from the store regularly.
However the NTRO,CBI employees who were monitoring the google competitor realized that she was liking the paneer patties, so on 7 October 2017, they changed the recipe of the paneer patties, and made it very spicy, forcing the customer to drink a lot of water. Cafe central has a lot of customers because their baked products have the right taste and are not very spicy, however other firms supplying baked products do not take the precaution of testing the taste of the product before shipping it to their customers.
It would be interesting to find out why exactly the taste of the paneer patties was changed to increase chilli powder content, increasing the cost of making the patties.